Google+ (Google Plus) for Small Business – Top How to Get Your Business on Google Plus Resources

What is Google+? Is it Facebook for Google? Is it Twitter? Or is it something entirely new? No one is certain for now, but what we are certain of is that it is sponsored by Google, and clearly has the backing of the world’s biggest search engine behind it. Google is hoping to (finally) make a successful entry into Social Media… So definitely pay attention to Google+.

Google+ (Google Plus) for Small Business – Top How to Get Your Business on Google Plus Resources

Google just announced that businesses can now launch pages on Google+. First step: learn and understand. What is Google+? How does it work? What are the implications for Small Businesses? We will be having a free webinar on Google+ for small business in January (once the dust settles), with a more definitive word on what, how, where, why, to set up a business page on Google+.

For now, here are our top picks for learning resources on how to get your small business listed on Google+.

Google+ For Small Businesses – Amazing Resources

  • Google+ For Business– Google+ is a competitive network to Facebook, and this is the official page to learn about putting your business on Google+. This page is the ‘go to’ page for Google+, so start here as you learn how to put your business on Google+.. (5 Stars)
  • Google+ Developers Site– Here is the nifty, geeky site with all of the code used for Google+ features.. (4 Stars)
  • Google+ Badge– Not yet ready for prime time (as of November, 2011) – this page explains how to add a Google+ badget to your website. Similar – we think – to the Facebook Like button or Like box, this feature will allow users to directly add your page to their Google+ account.. (4 Stars)
  • AdWords Blog Post – Learn How to Get Your Business on Google+– AdWords is all about advertising, and yet Google+ is free. Well – if you wonder if there will ever be advertising opportunities on Google+, oh you are so cynical. This is a blog post from AdWords on Google+ as a business opportunity. Ads coming soon!. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ – Grow Your Business– Here is a more geeky explanation of Google+ for Business, by our friends at Webmaster central. This blog post has more of a technical feel to it, in terms of explaining how to integrate Google+ with your website.. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ Blog Post (Businesses on Google+)– Ready for Google+? This is a blog post from Google, on the new Google+ for business.. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ learning site– More for users than for businesses, this is a post explaining all the cool things one can do with Google+. As a marketer, look at Google+ thru the eyes of your customers; then get ready to cajole, beg, foster, foist, communicate, encourage them to follow you on Google+.. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ Support– Are you already lost? Here is the official support pages for Google+, focused mainly on users of Google+. But, as a business, these help files give good insights into how your customer might use Google+. Plus, be sure to be a user of Google+ as well as a producer – and here’s where you go as Joe User to learn how to use Google+. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ +1 Button– This document is intended for webmasters and programmers who want to add and customize the +1 button for their website. Customizations range from simply changing the button’s size to advanced loading techniques.. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ Direct Connect– Google+ Direct Connect lets you quickly navigate to a Google+ page (and even add that page to your circles) when using Google Search. For example, if you searched for the query ‘+youtube’ or ‘+pepsi,’ you could be immediately taken to the YouTube Google+ page, or the Pepsi Google+ page, and given the option to add the page to your circles.. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ – A Quick Look– Not sure what all the fuss is about? Here is an introductory video on Google+ for users.. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ for Business – what you need to know– An author speaks. Chris Brogan of CrossTech Ventures explains that Facebook is for people you already know and Google+ is for people you are passionate about. Brogan tells WebProNews that Google+ should be taking seriously, especially from a business perspective.. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ Pages– Wow! Facebook has pages and so does Google+. This catchy marketing video explains what a Google+ page is for business, and gives some catchy marketing ideas on how to use it. It’s very catchy, and has a very catchy marketing feel to it, but beyond all the marketing catchiness has some actually useful information (if you can look past the catchiness).. (3 Stars)
  • Google+ Circles (Explained) – YouTube video explaining what Google+ circles are.. (2 Stars)

How Google+ Pages for Small Business differ from Profiles (for Individuals)

Pages are extremely similar to profiles, but they have some key differences:

  • Pages can’t add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned. Learn more.
  • Pages can be made for a variety of different entities whereas profiles can only be made for people.
  • The default privacy setting for elements on your page profile is public.
  • Pages have the +1 button.
  • Pages can’t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 stuff on the Web.
  • Pages can’t play games.
  • Pages don’t have the option to share to ‘Extended circles’.
  • Pages don’t receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar.
  • Pages can’t hangout on a mobile device.
  • Local pages have special fields that help people find the business’ physical location. Learn more about local pages.
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