Keyword Strategy

Keyword Strategy

Using Keyword strategy is vital to your beginning SEO strategy. The types of words you use and where you place them will have a large effect in where your link will reside when someone makes a search.

Head terms – are general terms such as “cheese” they tend to have massive traffic volume but are much harder to rank on.
Tail terms – are more specific terms such as “white goat cheese.” These terms may have less volume but are capable of ranking for.

  • Each page should have a mix of some head and tail terms.
  • Ranking on some tail terms is much better than not ranking at all for head terms.
  • Every web page should only be focused on 1 or 2 keywords. Not doing so will optimize your pages in too many directions, decreasing your overall effectiveness and ranking potential.

Just because one search has more than an other does not mean it is better. A search query with small traffic but low competition is much better than a large query and maximum competition. anything with less than 75% competition is a good opportunity to target.

For example The keyword, “build a web site” has 110,000 sq/m. sq/m=seach query per month.
This Search query is extremely competitive. Trying to organically rank your web site within that search query would be almost impossible, until your website starts to have some serious internet presence.

Another issue to consider is some of the Head terms that have a massive amount of search querys are broad terms. Such as “Directory” Someone may be looking for a different type of directory than what your website is based around. So being more specific in this case is better, so that people will find the correct type of directory they are looking for.

Another thing to consider is that Google ranks web sites on how old they are and how much of a presence they currently have in the market. Since we are new, we can only compete in sub markets for keywords that get a smaller amount of searches. As we grow we can try to build rankings in some of the more difficult key-words. It is better to have a decent percentage of something small than a very small percentage of something big.

It is more important to get your web site ranked in a smaller more specific search query with around 10,000 or less searches per month. This way the competitiveness is not overwhelming and we can at least take a small portion of those searches.

Googles algorithm has been changing since its birth in 1995. In the beginning Keywords had a massive importance for what words your web-page would rank for. Meaning the algorithm was 90% based around what keywords you used in your web pages. As people caught on people began “spamming” certain words so that there page would specifically show up for that word. As the Algorithm began to advance through the earl 2000’s Googles algorithm has since become far more complex and can actually recognize content purposely trying to spam keywords to get in for a specific search.

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