One of the 4 Questions we get asked….

One of the 4 Questions we get asked….

How can I Accept Credit Cards on a Website

NOTE: You will discover there is much to learn when you begin designing your website so this article about accepting credit cards is just one attribute. Study as much as possible about web design after you read this report. You may even want to learn web design from home. Go here now to find out how ….. Accepting credit card payments through your website is an absolute essential part of doing business on the Internet. If you’re not accepting online credit card payments and processing orders online, you’re losing a massive amount of business.

Studies have shown, you can increase your online sales up to 400% simply by accepting credit cards. In addition, by offering a combination of payment options, you can increase your sales even further. With today’s advanced technology, you can start accepting credit card payments through your website almost instantly (depending on the service you select). Preparing your website to process orders online can be as simple as pasting some HTML code within your web page.

Accepting Credit Cards
There are many professional companies online that will enable you to accept credit card payments through your website without a merchant account.

These companies are known as third party payment processing companies and provide an invaluable service for home based businesses. Most companies will enable you to accept all major credit cards and electronic checks. Some companies will also provide telephone billing and recurring billing for paid subscription and membership sites.

There may or may not be a set up fee and there are usually no monthly fees. Some companies charge a “percentage” and a “per transaction” fee. While others simply charge a set percentage fee per transaction. They will process your orders and send you payment for all your orders processed, minus their fee and a reserve fee.

Credit Card Reserve Fee
A reserve fee is withheld to cover any charge backs you may have. If you have no charge backs within a period of time, your reserve will be refunded to you. Each company has their own guidelines in regard to reserves.

Credit Card HTML Code
Once you’ve applied with a company and/or have been approved and paid the setup fees, you can immediately begin accepting payment. You will then be provided with special coding to place within the HTML of your order page.

When your customer clicks on your order link or image, they will be taken to the processor’s secure server to process their purchase. Once their order has been processed, they will then be directed back to a page on your website that you specify. This page may be a download page, or even a “complete your purchase” page that you can use to collect your customers’ name and email address and then direct them to your download page.

Once your customer places an order, you will instantly receive an email notification letting you know that you’ve made a sale. Your account will be instantly credited, minus the company fee, and you will be paid according to the company’s payment schedule.

Third Party Credit Card Companies
Third party processing companies are great for startup businesses, as if you don’t make any sales, you won’t be charged a fee. You are only charged a fee when and if you make a sale. Is easy to use and the CC info is being stored in a safe place.

The following third party processing companies will enable you to accept credit card payments through your web site very quickly:


Pay Pal is one of the most popular (and easiest ways) to accept credit cards online. Not to mention very very trusted! You can Go here to check them out >>

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