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Project Description

Smackwagon launches… “Anger At Mom “N”” out of the East Bay!

I’m the child of dysfunctional German  farm family from the Midwest where the men were work alcholics and the women were anger addicts.  My mom would get triggered somehow and go into rage and beat me up, I was struggling to survive and My dad would ocassionally try to calm things down by yelling at mom and me and my Brother ignored everything.  Out of control addiction energy raged in this family. Read More Below

Did You Know….

GWEN-GARCIA-LEETS-IMAGEN-OFICIAL-SWN..Gwen Is the official spokeswoman of Smackwagon Design! GWEN Garcia Leets, is also sponsored by other internationally renowned companies. GWEN Currently is a host on an entertaining television program in Mexico called Marathon TeleHit

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