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Project Description

We are very excited to be launching our latest responsive mobile redesign for our long time client “EmberWest Fireplace & Patio” out of Campbell, CA. EmberWest also just got localized with YEXT. EmberWest is another client that has chosen to get their business localized. What does this mean to the client? EmberWest is now able to keep their data such as photos, videos, hours of business, and telephone accurate at all times. If there is a change, the change reflects on the internet within 24 hrs. They are able to also view reports any reviews on the internet weather the review is on Facebook or Yelp it will show up in your administrative are in YEXT. We invite you take a look at EmberWest Google Mobile Friendly website today!

EmberWest is a family owned business with over 30 years experience in the fireplace industry. We make every effort to bring home to you the most reliable, quality and up-to-date products availble. If you have any questions about your existing fireplace or would like to inquire about something new, contact us, we are happy to help. (408) 599-9789

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