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Project Description

Smackwagon… Launches “Ikaria ECO Hostel” in Las Isletas de Granada, Nicaragua

Launching the release of our new clients website in Granada, Nicaragua! This person owns 3 islands and he rents them out! Check it! www.ikariaecohostel.com the whole island is ran by solar! Great Vacation SPOT!!

We are IKARIA. A delightful ecologic hostel located in one of the most amazing places in Nicaragua: Granada Islets (Las Isletas de Granada). Concerned about the environment and nature, everything around us is generated by this means.

Our Hostel consists of four rooms that can accommodate more than 20 people per night. We are the greenest solution for backpackers and families seeking to stay in a comfort place, while contributing to the environment. Committed to sustainability, we take into account not only the sensible use of resources, but also the social and ethical issues that affect the surroundings of our business.

We are aware that the local population and the natural environment in the areas in which we operate both are crucially important to us and to our guests. We wish to take the interests of the local population into account as much as possible, to respect their independence and culture, and to make every effort to minimize our impact on the environment. This is why we operate an environmentally friendly hostel and leisure activities that are geared not only that to the protection of the countryside, but to the creation of awareness among the people to collaborate with “green” organizations that share our values.

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