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Project Description

Smackwagon Design Launches Sister Website “Smackwagon Nicaragua”

We are excited to announce the launch of our Sister Website, “Smackwagon Nicaragua”! This would not be possible without Peter Garcia Leets, our Marketing and Sales Manager in Managua, Nicaragua, Thank you, Peter! For information on a FREE DEMO, please email Peter Garcia Leets. Please Like & Share Our Facebook Page. We Appreciate Your Support!

We started this venture in Nicaragua to assist businesses ranging from small mom & pops up to large companies to be able to compete online. Nicaragua has so much to offer and we, as Nicaraguan’s born and raised in California, want to make a difference in a country that is very deep in our hearts! We have helped local Nicaraguan companies such as Pastora Tours, Unica, AK47 Dorian Serpa, Ikaria ECO HOSTEL, To’loNika, Carlos Jose Garcia Torrealba Solorzano, Ferreteria Pastora Juarez, Cantur – Cámara Nicaragüense de la Micro, Pequeña y Mediana Empresa Turistica, and Hieleria la Polar to name a few! “Viva Nicaragua”!

Smackwagon Design es una empresa internacional que se especializa en brindar el servicio de elaboración de paginas web personalizadas a través de WordPress. WordPress es un sistema de gestión de contenido (o CMS, del inglés Content Management System) enfocado a la creación de blogs (sitios web periódicamente actualizados).

Ofrecemos todo tipo de servicio electrónico como: Elaboración, creación y/o modificación de sitios webs vinculados a las redes sociales y aplicaciones móviles mas utilizadas hoy en día  Asistencia en Comercio Electrónico; Tarjetas de presentación, mantenimiento de sitios webs; Elaboración de diseños, logos y slogans.

Did You Know….

GWEN-GARCIA-LEETS-IMAGEN-OFICIAL-SWN..Gwen Is the official spokeswoman of Smackwagon Design! GWEN Garcia Leets, is also sponsored by other internationally renowned companies. GWEN Currently is a host on an entertaining television program in Mexico called Marathon TeleHit

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