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Smackwagon.. is Proud to be Launching My Cousin & “Telehit” Host “Gwendolyn Garcia Leets” Official Website!

Super proud to be launching my cousin  “Gwendolyn Garcia Leets” website. She is the host at “Telehit” out of Mexico, she has interviewed Stars like Gerard Butler, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, just to name a few. I am honored to have done the site with Peter Garcia Leets her brother and my cousin. I can not wait to see you on our network TV’s soon Prima! I Love You!

Gwendolyne is an experienced Actress/Model who is currently working as a TV Host for a famous Mexican TV channel, Telehit. A young entrepreneur who works hard and consistently to achieve her short and long term goals and who has made her way to what and who she is with nothing but hard and dedicated efforts.

Gwen was born on a August 16th 1986 in Miami, Florida. Daughter of Nicaraguan parents, Spanish and Russian descendant, she is the middle sister of a five-child family. Since she was a little girl, you could see her devotion for the world of lights and microphones, whether she was performing on her school’s talent show or singing her own version of the song “Caray” from “Juan Gabriel” on a family video tape, you could see her passion for the celebrities industry.

On the 90´s her family moved to their home land, Nicaragua where she was happily raised and had the opportunity to master two languages, English and Spanish. Daughter of one the biggest figures of Nicaragua, in regard to sport and specifically Baseball, Carlos Jose Garcia Solorzano, she had a great academic education in one of the best american schools in the country. As the years passed by, her beautiful physical features got her into the most important beauty pageant of the country, Miss Nicaragua, where she was unfairly chosen as second runner up.

In 2009, she moved to Mexico in search or shortening the distance between her dreams and her reality. Couple of years later, after having participated in many modeling events and runways, TV novels, music videos and lots of magazines, she decided to apply for a spot on CEA, Televisa’s successful Artistic Studies’ Center where she was accepted.

in 2012, she was chosen from a highly competitive cast, to be one the three hosts on a new project that Telehit was working on: “La Neta News”, a TV show devoted to celebrity news and showbiz where Gwendolyne, with the help of her co-workers, has managed to raise the ratings to the point where the show is essential in the channel´s programming.

Did You Know….

GWEN-GARCIA-LEETS-IMAGEN-OFICIAL-SWN..Gwen Is the official spokeswoman of Smackwagon Design! GWEN Garcia Leets, is also sponsored by other internationally renowned companies. GWEN Currently is a host on an entertaining television program in Mexico called Marathon TeleHit

Interested in learning more about this beauty ? Click here to view GWEN's website to & keep you always informed of her most recent projects and events


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