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Project Description

Smackwagon Launches #1 Volleyball Club in Northern, CA “SynergyForce Volleyball Club”

What makes us different?

  1. We are committed to “TEACH” in a “positive” environment with a “balanced” approach that makes healthy athletes, and people, at all ages.
  2. We believe that “WINNING” goes far beyond the court. Our program is built with an emphasis on “ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT” and “FAMILY”, supported by uncompromised mutual respect between coaches and athletes, and coaches and parents.
  3. Our athletes have access to their own 5-court training facility, allowing for additional court time beyond scheduled practices for the enhanced development of their skills.
  4. Every head coach of our top teams at all age levels (12 through 18) has attained at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year college.
  5. We have incorporated new “Club Skills Coaches” into a system-wide training program.
  6. Our coaching staff includes: a former U.S. National Team member, three NCAA All-Americans, a former Brazilian Junior National  member, two California D-I State Champion High School coaches, five former/current profesional player,  four former college coaches, and a ton of coaches who have qualified multiple teams to compete in USA Volleyball’s Junior National Championships.
  7. We have an established Youth Academy, providing kids ages 8 through 12 with the opportunity to learn all skills of the game.  Our Youth Academy, directed by a multiple open division junior national coach, focuses on teaching the fundamental components of each skill to ensure successful learning, all in a fun and positive environment.
  8. Our 110+ alumnae who have gone on to play college volleyball have been awarded over $7.5 million in athletic and academic scholarships.  Their accomplishments are extraordinary, ranging from those who are practicing physicians, scientists, and teachers, to those who have won an NCAA D-I National Championship and those who are current collegiate coaches.  We are most proud of those alumnae who have served our country in the military.

Did You Know….

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