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Project Description

Smackwagon Launches…. “Ferretería Pastora Juárez” in Managua, Nicaragua!

Ferretería Pastora Juárez is a distribution company of building materials for construction companies in Managua, Nicaragua. We are a family business which means that there is consistency in our decisions and we have always had the same objective.

Our company very well managed, taking into account always serve you with efficiency, good prices and delivery in urban areas of Managua to our customers.

We complementary items for the construction as: pine wood, sand, Piedrin, blocks of 4 “and 6” ** certified **, beams H – U – W, sheets of stainless steels, steel tubes of coal, welded mesh Electro, measures, special, fastener, doors with mochetas decks.

Our principles are:

Assist our customers with respect and kindness.
Have competitive prices at the market
Have quality material.

Our values are:

It is a family business that promotes labour unity among its collaborators.
Personalized attention.

We offer transportation ** free ** in the urban area of Managua. (Restrictions apply).

Distribute hardware store materials and construction to the Nicaraguan population with affordable prices, without diminishing the quality of our products, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

Specify our position as the leading company in the distribution of hardware store materials and construction.

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