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Project Description

Smackwagon Launches… “Sticky Graphics” Out of Granite Bay, CA

 Need a Car or Boat Wrap?
Sticky Graphics was founded by Corey and Krista Fenske in 2006. After watching the professional bass fishing sport grow, and being a competitor him self. Corey saw the need for a source. That source was a graphics business that catered to the bass fisherman.

For those that know him. Corey Fenske is a person of passion, commitment and detail. Finding the way to take graphics to the next level was just what he saw. Many can apply a wrap, but not everyone knows what kind of abuse a boat takes, and keeping that wrap from failing is what he knows how to do.

Weather it’s a sticker the size of a quarter, or a complete wrap on a bus, Sticky Graphics can produce what you need! Unlike most sign shops, we don’t just make stickers we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and total quality. We go the extra mile to find a solution for those who want a great look, but just never find the time to be without your vehicle for a day or two. On site mobile installation is one of our specialties. We hope to serve you in the future, and for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to review this info about our company, and we appreciate your interest!

Did You Know….

GWEN-GARCIA-LEETS-IMAGEN-OFICIAL-SWN..Gwen Is the official spokeswoman of Smackwagon Design! GWEN Garcia Leets, is also sponsored by other internationally renowned companies. GWEN Currently is a host on an entertaining television program in Mexico called Marathon TeleHit

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