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SEO- Are you trying to sell me "Blue Skies"? - Smackwagon Design

SEO- Are you trying to sell me “Blue Skies”? – Smackwagon Design

When you type in a search into Google also known as a “search query” Google does not search the internet and bring back listings at that instant. Instead Google has every web site pre indexed for every single search query possible. This means that before someone even searches for your web site Google has already ranked and positioned your web sites link for a particular most relative search. Google decides which web sites and content are most relative and thus rank at the top for each individual search, these are called “natural rankings”.

The sister to natural rankings is pay per click also known as PPC, google allows you to pay to get one of the top 3 positions for a particular search.

Understanding how google reads these web sites and ranks them is the art of understanding SEO. It changes daily! What worked yesterday does not work today. How does it work? Google references these millions of web sites with the use of “bots,” also known as Googebots. These bots will visit a web site and read the all of “Content” that exists on the page. Once the information is indexed it is processed with a complicated algorithm that decides what content is the best fit for a particular search query. Below are some tips to help.

  1. Make sure all website pages are indexed, and spiders are able to crawl the pages easily.
  2. Creating original content that no one has used before is critical in the eyes of Search engines. Quality and relevance of the content to the goals of the website is crucial.
  3. Avoid duplicate content.
  4. Avoid writing content solely for the purposes of SEO ranking.
  5. Proper keyword density is important, it is important to have a decent amount of the word, but overkill can actually hurt you.
  6. Each page should only be optimized for 1 or 2 keywords.
  7. Try not to inadvertently repeat non-keywords by accident.
  8. Spiders cannot read words within pictures.
  9. Try to add “Latent Semantic Content” meaning; if we our key word is Old Spice, also talk about cologne, and deodorant. Be come the resource of the topic!
  10. Forum is critical to creating, rich and fresh user content.
  11. Search engines cannot read, drop down menus or Flash unless you use XML or other Technologies.

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