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Brand Development – Smackwagon Design – Granite Bay, CA

Creating a brand is more than creating an image – it is forging an identity. The logo is an important part of your brand identity. Your clients will see your logo before they walk through any door or talk to any member of your team.

Because your logo is such an important part of how you communicate yourself to your community, you need to protect your brand and keep it consistent. Brand consistency directly effects the recognition and strength of your organization’s public image.

The Brand Identity Guide

The brand identity guide is an important part of projecting a consistent image to the world, both online in web design and offline. Your guide as part of your branding package includes the following:

  • All files and formats of your logo needed for any print or digital projects.
  • Usage guidelines for variations on your logo that maintain consistency while allowing for flexibility.
  • Standards for online and print text and formatting.
  • Research-based language and terminology guidelines to reinforce the central message of your brand.
  • Supporting graphic files that compliment your brand.

Would you like to see a sample of everything that goes into a Brand Identity Guide? If so, contact us or call 916.412.1484.


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