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SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Optimization to create an Organic SEO campaign. Search Engine Optimization and Website Optimization sound exactly the same, but they are not. Search Engine Optimization is optimizing a website for a search engine to read, and Website Optimization is optimizing the website for a human to read.

In today’s economy with the current set of algorithms being used by search engines, especially Google, SEO Marketing is all about Organic SEO . That is, creating natural traffic patterns based on natural searches and link building. Organic SEO is all about the natural growth of business. Say your business’s name spreads by word of mouth, one customer talks to three friends who then talk to 3 more friends and so on… It only takes about five cycles of friends talking to friends to then have around 243 customers. Social media sites like Facebook demonstrate this very well, and combine that with Twitter and your customer base can grow exponentially overnight.

What doesn’t look like Organic SEO is having thousands upon thousands of links built in a month or two and then to have the number drop to only a couple hundred links built each month. The Penguin update by Google hit a lot of websites that had this exact growth pattern. Even if all the sites are legitimate, and better yet, relevant, it still looks unnatural and the sites were penalized for it.

When it comes to SEO Marketing, Search Engine Optimization is still the most important aspect. Many websites make the same mistake when it comes to content. Images, images, images, video, flash… This is all very cool and worth nothing to a search engine. It simply cannot see the images, video, or flash. So if that’s all a site has then what the search engine sees is a blank page. We make sure that our clients’ websites shine for the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the key for a successful SEO Marketing campaign. If a website has no relevancy to the search query it is supposed to be for, then all the other SEO Marketing strategies will mean nothing. The site will not make it to the top.

The next most important aspect of SEO Marketing is Website Optimization. While a search engine cannot see an image a human can. We love visually attractive displays, but we also hate to waste time. So websites need to say what they have to say in a short and concise manner. Otherwise potential customers will move on to something else. This is what Website Optimization is all about, making sure humans can easily and quickly find the information they are wanting to find. This is what we do. We develop content for our clients’ websites that is visually appealing and engaging, while also being search engine friendly. This will turn potential customers into actual customers. And that, my friends, is what SEO Marketing is all about.

Search engine Optimization
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SEO Marketing

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