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First Page Placement

A position anywhere on the first page when someone is searching for keywords that are relevant to your business is a position that will bring you more traffic and therefore more conversions. The goal of organic SEO is to bring you to that first page and keep you there. That process takes a while because we need to build quality links for you, improve your content, and get your site indexed with all major and local search engines. While you’re waiting for us to do that, we’re going to put you on the first page so you can get some traffic to help pay for the organic SEO effort.

Does that sound reasonable to you? Smackwagon SEO Marketing can offer first page placement right away within just a few days. Search engines and directories all have options where you can buy a spot on the first page and we will do that for you at the very beginning of the organic SEO process. There’s no reason why you should not benefit from first page traffic immediately while we’re doing the work we need to do to make that placement permanent.

Using a selection of area based suggested targeted key phrases, Smackwagon SEO marketing will get you to the first page of Google and Yahoo within just a few days. This is guaranteed. Using phrases like “Los Angele’s kitchen remodeling” or “Seattle wedding planner” we can  get you to that front page right away and keep you there until the organic SEO process brings you there naturally. That head start will give you a noticeable increase in  sales right from the start of your relationship with us.

In order for your company to dominate in your target market you need to own a top spot on the front page for all relative keywords. First page placement using local keyword phrases is a start but it only brings you a small percentage of the overall traffic that our search engine optimization will bring you over time. Each of the services we offer are part of a larger whole and are meant to be used in conjunction with each other. For the best results, contact us and we’ll sit down with you, analyze your needs, and come up with the right SEO marketing plan for you.

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