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Smackwagon Design provides PPC Management and Sponsored Placement are two very important factors to the success of a PPC Campaign. A PPC Campaign must be changed on a regular basis to keep it fresh and engaging to a potential customer base.

PPC Management

PPC Management is a painstaking process. PPC advertisements must constantly be tested and changed to get the most out of them. If one were to look at the Internet in real time, they would see that Internet changes extremely fast. A technique that worked one minute to attract potential customers may not work the next minute.

That is why PPC Management needs to be constant. A company has to look at the campaign, see where things are starting to change, and get ahead of the curve to keep it fresh. Internet users are constantly looking for the next big thing. Even in advertisements. Just take a look at the advertisements on TV to see what we are talking about.

Many companies do not have the time to manage a PPC Campaign or do not have the time to learn. Most marketing is out sourced anyway. It is only major companies that keep marketing in house for the most part. We are an Internet marketing company, PPC Management is what we do. Our PPC Campaigns are fresh and engaging to our client’s potential customers. We are dedicated to reviewing and updating PPC Campaigns to make sure our clients are getting the most out of their advertising.

The most important part of a PPC Campaign is the Sponsored Placement. The higher up on the page, the more likely it is to be seen by potential customers. It has been shown that the top left hand corner of the screen is where most people look first and subsequently spend the most time looking. Take a look at a Google search results page and see for yourself. The top three places are sponsored advertisements. Technically this is at the top of Google, it is just paid for. And thanks to Google’s algorithms that work on contextual data, your PPC Campaign will target those that are looking for your services.

Having Sponsored Placement is a great way to entice potential customers to check out a website while the rest of the SEO campaign matures. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that an SEO campaign takes time to take effect. Optimizing a website can be done in a day, and links can be built in a short amount of time. However, Google looks at the age of links and websites as well as everything else they look at, and to Google, links take about two months to fully mature.

So while waiting for your SEO campaign to take effect, why not let us increase traffic a little more quickly by running a PPC Campaign for you? We have the expertise for PPC Management and can get optimum Sponsored Placement to increase targeted customer traffic to increase overall sales.

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