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Having a Business Twitter account is another easy way to reach millions of potential customers. Using Twitter Marketing, a company can advertise their business, or more importantly, post information that helps prove to potential customers that they are an expert in their particular field of business.

Twitter Marketing

The Twitter Design has to be engaging, otherwise potential customers will move on to something more intriguing. While the Twitter design page is a little more limiting in terms of layout and the amount of information one can put on it, it is more advantageous that way. Taking the layout of the page out of the scenario makes it easier to focus on more important things regarding the profile creation. While not being able to write a vast “about us” spot may seem limiting, think about how fast people want to know anything. They want to know it right now; not five minutes from now, not even five seconds from now. Just, right now. We can use that to your advantage. We can make your profile say quick concise things about your company while making sure to get your message across to potential customers.

A Business Twitter account, like Facebook, is viral in nature and requires diligence to build a following. The great thing about Twitter is that it is easy to write tweets. The tweets are limited to 140 characters, which is ideal for making quick concise points about something of interest. If one were to look on Twitter, they would see a vast amount of article link postings and little advertisements on products. There are also tweets going back and forth between companies. This is all publicity, and it is easy to get in it. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the time to effectively maintain a Twitter marketing campaign. Luckily for them, we can do it for them. As stated before, we are a marketing company: it is our job to come up with ideas and things that are news worthy for our clients. A Business Twitter account is just another avenue for us to use our creativity.

Twitter Marketing is becoming easier by the minute. With the ability to link accounts together and receive live feeds from Twitter itself, it is making it possible to reach, not just millions, but tens of millions. Another cool way to get followers is to post discounts to Twitter followers only. This makes people more inclined to follow a particular business in hopes of receiving more discounts

This is why we offer all the services that we do. We can link your Business Twitter, Business Facebook, blog site, forum postings, articles, website, videos, and advertising into a massive marketing campaign. By simply linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts together, we can hit twice as many people all at one time. Link blog postings to these accounts, as well, and now everyone sees blogs posted in real time. Include article links, and people can see how much knowledge your company has on a particular subject. It all works together by being interconnected.

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