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Why Choose WordPress for your website?

We are admittedly bias when asked which platform is the best. Smackwagon’s service is focused only on Managed WordPress Hosting. WordPress in some form is the choice of over 25 million for blogging and creating websites. We use it daily, and think you should too!

WordPress as a blog.

WordPress started as a blogging platform and has become one of the most widely used blogging systems in the world. WordPress combines ease of use with nearly unlimited customization. Creating posts, approving comments, and customizing your look and feel are all easy with WordPress. The customization opportunities are endless and the huge number of available plugins and themes make it easy to achieve the look and function you want.

WordPress as a website.

WordPress can do more than just blogging. With the built in Pages feature you can create standalone pages for your website in addition to your blog posts. Again the ability to customize themes makes your design possibilities limitless. Many websites you visit on a daily basis are powered by WordPress. The content management features built into WordPress make it easy to create pages and child pages, embed video, manage your media assets, and more.

WordPress as a blog and website.

The best of both worlds. Out of the box WordPress lets users create website pages, and posts. It is extremely commonplace now to have a corporate blog running besides a corporate website. Multiple permission levels and the easy nature of publishing make WordPress ideal for any manner of websites.

Why does Smackwagon do WordPress Hosting?

We have used WordPress for our own websites and blogs, as well as for those of our clients over the years. We have found it to have the ideal balance between ease of use and customization ability. This means that a custom one off website can be created for a client, that still retains the familiar and easy to use publishing tools that empower the customer to publish with ease. WordPress is also extremely SEO friendly which is important for most businesses.

We wanted to make it easier for bloggers and those needing a website to take control of their web presence. While some customization does require the help of a skilled professional, 1000′s of themes and plugins are available to for you to create your own website.

Finally WordPress is Open, as in Open Source. Millions of publishers use WordPress and many talented programmers and individuals work daily to improve WordPress for the benefit of everyone. Why get committed into some proprietary website system that locks you in? With WordPress you can import your data from over a dozen other systems like Blogger and Moveable Type. You can also easily export your data to move away from WordPress should you choose. You are now in control.

How can I get WordPress?

WordPress comes in two varieties; A hosted blog service you can sign-up for at WordPress.com and downloadable software you install yourself at WordPress.org. Each one has their pro’s and con’s. For Example: The hosted service is great for blogging and if you don’t mind some limits placed on your customization and use. The self-install software is great for blogs or websites, but does have a semi-technical install procedure.

Try Smackwagon

We created our Managed WordPress Hosting service to fill the space between these two products. Smackwagon gives you the freedom to customize your website or blog as well as an easy two minute setup, backups, upgrades and robust performance. No need to worry about file permissions or databases, Smackwagon takes care of that. We also takes it one step further by automatically backing up your website every night and automatically updating your software when important security updates are released. No other system makes it this easy to create your own website on WordPress.

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WordPress - Smackwagon Design

Smackwagon builds professional website’s that are easy to maintain, get your company noticed, & fit into your budget. In the world we live into today… building a beautiful website is not enough! Here is a scenario… you started to subscribe to a magazine the first month comes, you read it now you are excited for next months. You receive next months magazine and it’s the same magazine, you will read it once maybe twice but not three times people search engines want content original organized content! What is the next step CANCELLATION of a subscription. A potential client lost. Having a website today is a job! You need to add content to your website at least once or twice a day. Not to mention also to social networks so, we hook you up with tools to automatically connect to and update social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, OnlyWire bookmarking, Google Base News Feeds and more. Using these tools and providing good DAILY content to your site WILL build customer relations.

A signed contract and 50%-of-estimate deposit to secure your start date on our schedule. Final balance is due upon completion of the project, before transfer of files to your web server.

No time? We also Ghost Write for clients! (additional fee)

We provide:

  • Standard Theme Designs
  • Custom Theme Designs
  • Content Management Systems
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Internet Marketing and Social Networking Tools
  • Your own Facebook Home Page and account setup
  • Twitter account setup and your branded background
  • One Year of Web Hosting Included with 24/7 Hosting Support

You choose from a list of themes (look and feel) we provide

  1. Tools pre-installed to assist in the following:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Monetization
    • Security & Design
  2. Set up e-mail accounts (10)
  3. Domain Name of Your Choice Included (if the name is available for 1 yr.)
  4. Domain name registration / transfer
  5. Private Domain Name Registration
  6. The site is turn-key and you own it – files, hosting and all.


  1. We design a custom theme with your colors and, your logo
    • 2 revisions included
  2. Flex-layout Themes
    • 4 page templates with different layouts each
    • 8 widget areas advertising and design enhancement
  3. Tools pre-installed to assist in the following:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Monetization
    • Security & Design
  4. Set up two custom forms with data collection
  5. Set up e-mail accounts (15)
  6. Domain Name of Your Choice Included (if the name is available for 1 yr.)
  7. Domain name registration / transfer
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Even the most secure website’s can get hacked. Perhaps you have a WordPress blog set up to build and promote your personal brand. Maybe you publish a blog that highlights your products and opportunity’s, or one that provides training and success tips. Whatever your purpose, keeping your blog safe and secure is easily ignored. Frankly, most of us prefer to just set up our blogs and publish our content. We like to think that our website hosting company will take care of security and protect our blogs from attack. While a good hosting company will have safeguards and mechanisms in place to help prevent malicious attacks, they can’t do everything for you.

The fact is, if you don’t take care to protect your work, a lot can go right down the drain and may not be recoverable. Which means you will have to start all over with a new cost.

WordPress security is becoming a growing problem. The more successful you are with your website blog, the more your blog becomes a target of hackers who look for security vulnerabilities in the WordPress platform.  Why are hackers interested in your blog?  In our experience we’ve seen motivation range from simple website defacing to complex search engine optimization schemes that steal the “link juice” from your website to promote criminal activities on the web.

Why is security such a problem with Wordpess blogs?  Well, WordPress isn’t the real problem.  The contributors to WordPress put a lot of man hours into insuring that the software is free of security flaws.  However, the platform isn’t perfect and it is dependent on two other components that that fall outside of the control of the platform code base–hosting and plugins.

The first challenge for WordPress security is hosting. We have seen first hand were the majority of shared hosting providers have a laundry list of security vulnerabilities.  These security vulnerabilities include older versions of Apache that have known exploits and a lack of security monitoring systems in their overall infrastructure.

The second challenge is security exploits in third party plugins.  Many WordPress plugins allow both administrators and end users to interact with them.  This includes activities such as uploading information (e.g. forms plugins) and interacting with the base WordPress modules.  Hackers know this and are constantly looking to exploit security vulnerabilities in plugins.

[learn_more caption=”WordPress Acceleration”]

Website’s page loading time is an critical part of any website’s user experience. Many times it is neglected or simply put aside in order to accommodate new functionality or to add more content to websites. Unfortunately, the majority of visitors tend to care more about speed than all the bells and whistles on websites. Because of this, page loading time is becoming increasingly important when it comes to search engine rankings (SEO).

In today’s competitive business world, speed is one of the most important facets of a website, but do you know the true significance of your site’s load time?

First and foremost the speed of your website is very relevant to your site ranking within Google as well as other search engines. The standing theory on the increased load time of your site is that faster load times create happier internet users. This means that the faster your website loads the higher your site will rank which turns into an increased revenue stream and cost efficiency of your website.

Secondly, your users will have a significantly better experience if your website has a faster load time. In a recent study conducted by Google, their findings revealed that if a website loads 100 to 400 milliseconds slower than normal (or slower than a competitor’s ) the user will most likely decrease the amount of usage and time of each individual visit to that particular site. If your site is slower than a competitor’s you run the risk of losing business solely based on load time.

The bottom line here is that site speed has a tremendous impact on your revenue stream generated through your website as well as how search engines rank your website (which also effects your revenue and cost efficiency).

Website load times have been identified as a crucial factor to measure the performance of a website so DON’T miss out!

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WordPress Acceleration – Smackwagon Design
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WordPress Plugins included in Smackwagon

Plugins add rich additional features to any WordPress Site. While there are over 11,000 plugins available to download for all manner of things, we have chosen to include what we feel are some must have WordPress plugins for every site. You may add any plugin you wish. We do suggest though you keep the number of active plugins under 20 or so to maintain peak performance of your website.


These plugins are pre-installed into each hosted WordPress site.

WordPress SEO

Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization). Fine grain control over important SEO factors of your pages and posts.

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. New blog posts get posted to twitter.

TweetMeme Button

Adds the TweetMeme button into your posts and RSS feed. Track Rewteets of your blog post on twitter.

Google Analyticator

Easily sync your existing Google analytics account with your website.

Viper’s Video Quicktags

Simple Video embed for Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and more. Embedding videos into your WordPress posts and pages is a snap.


Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the defacto Caching plugin for WordPress (In our humble opinion). Activated with even just the default settings this plugin drastically speeds up any WordPress site.


Easily add robust and customizable contact forms to your WordPress website.

Don’t see the plugin you want? No worries. You can add any plugin at anytime thru the Install Plugin menu within your WordPress website.

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Online storefront sites combine all the benefits of our custom sites, and a more robust content management system and a online store. We set up the marketing tools you need and can even pre-load your products for an additional fee.

SSL Security Certificate included so your shoppers’ information will be secure and they will feel safe

  • Flexible Tax Models
  • Flexible Shipping Modules
    • Shoppers can manage their User Accounts (registration required)
    • Customer managed shipping address
    • Shoppers can view all their previous order history (and Order Details)
    • Customizable order confirmation mail sent to both the shopper and to you
    • Multiple currencies for international sales
    • Multiple language capable

Product Catalog Features

  • Manage unlimited number of products and categories
  • Can be used as a shop or as an online-catalog
  • Quick search for products, categories and manufacturers; with multiple filters
  • Product rating system and testimonials
  • Product specials can be easily featured
  • You can show a customer how soon they can expect delivery
  • Handles downloadable products (virtual products, ebooks, mp3s)
  • “Product is back in Stock”-Notification for subscribed Customers

Administration Features

  • multiple Images and Files (like Spec Sheets and Flyers) per Product
  • Product Attributes (like Size or Color) can be added to Product
  • Product Types for Classification (like “Car”, “Motorbike” or “Music Album”)
  • Shopper Groups for Customers (allows different Price Levels and Payment Options),
  • multiple Prices per Product (Quantity-based and/or Shopper Group-based Prices)
  • flexible Price Display (number & currency formatting; including or excluding tax)
  • On-the-Fly Price Conversion between different Currencies using Live Rates from the ECB or other banks
  • Shop Statistics / Control Panel with a Summary of new Customers, new Orders….
  • Stock Level Control for Products and Item
  • Order Management with Order History, Customer Notification and Order Edit Functionality
  • basic Reporting Feature: sold Items, monthly/yearly Revenue
  • Order Status Management
  • manage different Currencies, Countries & States

Payment Modules

  • capable of live Credit Card Processing
  • pre-defined Payment Gateways like authorize.net®, PayPal, 2Checkout, eWay, Worldpay, PayMate and NoChex
  • extend your Shop with other Payment Modules using the Payment Module API!

Shipping Modules

  • flexible Shipping Carriers and Rates Configuration
  • Live-Shipping Rates using Shipping Modules (e.g. InterShipper, UPS, USPS, FedEx or Canada Post; Modules can use the Shipping Rate API).
  • Extend your Shop with other Shipping Modules using the Shipping Module API!

NOTE: This package comes with 3 hrs of 1 on 1 training.

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WordPress Maintenance Service

Have you ever asked yourself why does WordPress need so much maintenance?  Why is it constantly changing and why new items are being added.

WordPress ia an open source project.  It is in a state of constant development.  This development is to add new functionality, to fix bugs and to close security loopholes.  This is why the WordPress core files need attention on a regular basis.

Plugins are a big part of WordPress, they offer extensions to the WordPress core functions and solve almost every problem a WordPress site owner may have.  These plugin updates need to be factored into your maintenance plans.

As WordPress develops so themes develop to take advantage of new functionality.  You may find that your theme requires an update, this is yet anther maintenance task you need to consider.

WordPress also suffers because of its popularity.  It is an easy target for hackers.  There are millions of WordPress sites, and many of the site owners are not trained in computer security.  As a result hacks are being made on outdated code, plugins with loop holes etc. Many of the updates and maintenance procedures required are to block loopholes and monitor for attacks.  You need to do this or risk a hacked website and all the pain and embarrassment that it causes.

“What would be the implications to your site readers and customers if I was suddenly pointing to “Porn” site after a hack?”

PRICING: Pay for only the amount of time you need. Our maintenance time slots work just like pre-paid long distance phone cards. The minutes are yours to use for all maintenance requests. Once you use all your minutes, you just buy more. The minutes never expire. They are yours to keep until you use them.

  Hours   MinutesCost per Hour
1 – 460 – 240$45.00
5 – 9300 – 540$40.00
10 or more600 or more$35.00Best Value

All time Slots include:

  • Email confirming we received your request
  • Email confirming work has been completed
  • Testing after each update

FAQ: What can we use our maintenance hours for?

  • Editing, revising, or updating your existing copy, images, pictures
  • Adding new content to your site
  • Removing or archiving current content
  • Adding New Email Accounts/Email Account Set-Up
  • Adding additional pages utilizing existing sub-page template
[learn_more caption=”Managed WordPress Hosting”]

Managed WordPress Hosting

Smackwagon is WordPress-as-a-Service that includes Automatic Upgrades & Backups and Bullet – Proof Security plus the freedom to customize with nearly any theme or plugin. We are a trusted WordPress hosting provider for thousands of users from personal bloggers and a major university in Nicaragua.

Built for WordPress

  • Automatic WordPress Core Upgrades
  • Automatic WordPress Plugin Upgrades
  • Automatic Nightly Backups and SQL Dump to Your Email
  • Pre-installed WordPress Plugins
  • Use Nearly any Plugin or Theme
  • Quick 2 minute setup
  • Bullet-Proof Security (we mean it)

Shared Hosting is a low-cost option to host your web site or application. Your web site’s pages and images are stored on a shared-use server, one where dozens or even hundreds of other customers also host their web sites. The web server directs incoming visitors to the appropriate customer site based on the domain name. Having many web sites on a single server greatly spreads the hardware costs out among the various customers. Shared server hosting plans are very reasonably priced and are an excellent way to set up and begin growing your web presence.

Virtual Hosting, also known as VPS or “Virtual Private Server” Hosting, offers a nice compromise between Shared and Dedicated Hosting. Like Shared Hosting, your web site resides on a server with other customers. The main difference is that a percentage of the server’s resources such as CPU, memory, and hard drive are explicitly reserved for your web sites. In addition, your files are hosted on a completely separate, or “virtual” partition, one equipped with its own operating system instance. This separation also isolates the customers from one another and prevents any single customer from over-taxing the server.

Dedicated Hosting is exactly what is sounds like. A separate, dedicated server is set up and maintained specifically for your company’s web sites and applications. There are no other customers on your server, and the hardware specifications of the equipment can be tailored to your exact needs. While more expensive than Shared or Virtual Hosting, Dedicated Hosting gives you complete control over server security and lets you harness 100% of the server’s processing power.


Did You Know….

GWEN-GARCIA-LEETS-IMAGEN-OFICIAL-SWN..Gwen Is the official spokeswoman of Smackwagon Design! GWEN Garcia Leets, is also sponsored by other internationally renowned companies. GWEN Currently is a host on an entertaining television program in Mexico called Marathon TeleHit

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