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WordPress Maintenance Service

Have you ever asked yourself why does WordPress need so much maintenance?  Why is it constantly changing and why new items are being added.

WordPress ia an open source project.  It is in a state of constant development.  This development is to add new functionality, to fix bugs and to close security loopholes.  This is why the WordPress core files need attention on a regular basis.

Plugins are a big part of WordPress, they offer extensions to the WordPress core functions and solve almost every problem a WordPress site owner may have.  These plugin updates need to be factored into your maintenance plans.

As WordPress develops so themes develop to take advantage of new functionality.  You may find that your theme requires an update, this is yet anther maintenance task you need to consider.

WordPress also suffers because of its popularity.  It is an easy target for hackers.  There are millions of WordPress sites, and many of the site owners are not trained in computer security.  As a result hacks are being made on outdated code, plugins with loop holes etc. Many of the updates and maintenance procedures required are to block loopholes and monitor for attacks.  You need to do this or risk a hacked website and all the pain and embarrassment that it causes.

“What would be the implications to your site readers and customers if I was suddenly pointing to “Porn” site after a hack?”

PRICING: Pay for only the amount of time you need. Our maintenance time slots work just like pre-paid long distance phone cards. The minutes are yours to use for all maintenance requests. Once you use all your minutes, you just buy more. The minutes never expire. They are yours to keep until you use them.

  Hours   MinutesCost per Hour
1 – 460 – 240$45.00
5 – 9300 – 540$40.00
10 or more600 or more$35.00Best Value

All time Slots include:

  • Email confirming we received your request
  • Email confirming work has been completed
  • Testing after each update

FAQ: What can we use our maintenance hours for?

  • Editing, revising, or updating your existing copy, images, pictures
  • Adding new content to your site
  • Removing or archiving current content
  • Adding New Email Accounts/Email Account Set-Up
  • Adding additional pages utilizing existing sub-page template

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