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Why Choose WordPress for your website?

We are admittedly bias when asked which platform is the best. Smackwagon’s service is focused only on Managed WordPress Hosting. WordPress in some form is the choice of over 25 million for blogging and creating websites. We use it daily, and think you should too!

Why WordPress – Smackwagon

WordPress as a blog.

WordPress started as a blogging platform and has become one of the most widely used blogging systems in the world. WordPress combines ease of use with nearly unlimited customization. Creating posts, approving comments, and customizing your look and feel are all easy with WordPress. The customization opportunities are endless and the huge number of available plugins and themes make it easy to achieve the look and function you want.

WordPress as a website.

WordPress can do more than just blogging. With the built in Pages feature you can create standalone pages for your website in addition to your blog posts. Again the ability to customize themes makes your design possibilities limitless. Many websites you visit on a daily basis are powered by WordPress. The content management features built into WordPress make it easy to create pages and child pages, embed video, manage your media assets, and more.

WordPress as a blog and website.

The best of both worlds. Out of the box WordPress lets users create website pages, and posts. It is extremely commonplace now to have a corporate blog running besides a corporate website. Multiple permission levels and the easy nature of publishing make WordPress ideal for any manner of websites.

Why does Smackwagon do WordPress Hosting?

We have used WordPress for our own websites and blogs, as well as for those of our clients over the years. We have found it to have the ideal balance between ease of use and customization ability. This means that a custom one off website can be created for a client, that still retains the familiar and easy to use publishing tools that empower the customer to publish with ease. WordPress is also extremely SEO friendly which is important for most businesses.

We wanted to make it easier for bloggers and those needing a website to take control of their web presence. While some customization does require the help of a skilled professional, 1000′s of themes and plugins are available to for you to create your own website.

Finally WordPress is Open, as in Open Source. Millions of publishers use WordPress and many talented programmers and individuals work daily to improve WordPress for the benefit of everyone. Why get committed into some proprietary website system that locks you in? With WordPress you can import your data from over a dozen other systems like Blogger and Moveable Type. You can also easily export your data to move away from WordPress should you choose. You are now in control.

How can I get WordPress?

WordPress comes in two varieties; A hosted blog service you can sign-up for at WordPress.com and downloadable software you install yourself at WordPress.org. Each one has their pro’s and con’s. For Example: The hosted service is great for blogging and if you don’t mind some limits placed on your customization and use. The self-install software is great for blogs or websites, but does have a semi-technical install procedure.

Try Smackwagon

We created our Managed WordPress Hosting service to fill the space between these two products. Smackwagon gives you the freedom to customize your website or blog as well as an easy two minute setup, backups, upgrades and robust performance. No need to worry about file permissions or databases, Smackwagon takes care of that. We also takes it one step further by automatically backing up your website every night and automatically updating your software when important security updates are released. No other system makes it this easy to create your own website on WordPress.

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