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Websites’s page loading time is an critical part of any website’s user experience. Many times it is neglected or simply put aside in order to accommodate new functionality or to add more content to websites. Unfortunately, the majority of visitors tend to care more about speed than all the bells and whistles on websites. Because of this, page loading time is becoming increasingly important when it comes to search engine rankings (SEO).

In today’s competitive business world, speed is one of the most important facets of a website, but do you know the true significance of your site’s load time?

First and foremost the speed of your website is very relevant to your site ranking within Google as well as other search engines. The standing theory on the increased load time of your site is that faster load times create happier internet users. This means that the faster your website loads the higher your site will rank which turns into an increased revenue stream and cost efficiency of your website.

Secondly, your users will have a significantly better experience if your website has a faster load time. In a recent study conducted by Google, their findings revealed that if a website loads 100 to 400 milliseconds slower than normal (or slower than a competitor’s ) the user will most likely decrease the amount of usage and time of each individual visit to that particular site. If your site is slower than a competitor’s you run the risk of losing business solely based on load time.

The bottom line here is that site speed has a tremendous impact on your revenue stream generated through your website as well as how search engines rank your website (which also effects your revenue and cost efficiency).

Website load times have been identified as a crucial factor to measure the performance of a website so DON’T miss out!

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