Social Media Success Varies By Country and Economy

Different strokes for different folks right? Well, with social media that holds true as a study conducted by Regus shows. eMarketer provides the following chart examining the success in social media levels in a variety of countries

Companies that Use Social Media for new Clients

What the next chart shows more than anything is not so much about how social media impacts revenue but more so how the overall economic climate does.

Companies Not Using Social Media for new Clients

While we all want to see information that confirms our thoughts on the success of social media it is critical to remember that social media is not a standalone deal. It is part of how we communicate overall with customers. Social media cannot overcome poor economic conditions but it can influence people in ways that have not been available in the past.

As a result, that last chart shows that even in the harsh times like we are experiencing in the US social media could provide an incremental bump in revenue that may not be found otherwise. Of course attributing that bump to just social media can be a dangerous line of thinking as well so we all just need to exercise some caution and make sound conclusions.

SNAP! Ahhhh, never mind. It’s the Internet. Just say whatever you want and people will believe it, right? :-)

So go be social and sell everything!

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