13 07, 2011

Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO: Top Tips & Tutorial

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Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors is designed to illustrate the most important things that can help you gain traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing. This is our companion guide designed to explain the table in more depth and provide a tutorial into the world of search engine optimization. [...]

13 04, 2010

What are “Linkbacks” and WHY are they So Important?

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Google LinkBacks - SmackTalk - The thinking behind link exchanging is that Google will record links as a vote of confidence for sites. A Linkback is when someone links to your web site. This one of the best ways to increase your rankings within a search engine, and here is why... Generally speaking [...]

12 04, 2010

Start-up’s 101

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SmackTalk - Startups 101 There are three ways to get a great URL. The first is with magical inspiration: that perfect and available name comes to you in the shower or driving . The second is with a ton of money, by buying an existing domain. The third (if inspiration and money are [...]

12 04, 2010

Social Media Marketing Overload? Some Tips for Startups

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Social Media Marketing Overload? Some Tips for Startups It is widely accepted that social media has transformed the landscape of marketing radically, and no longer can businesses - no matter their size or stage of development - afford to avoid social media. While the importance of developing one's brand online remains paramount - [...]

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