Why You need to create a facebook “Business” page for your business

  1. Why You need to create a facebook fan page for your business - Smackwagon

    Why You need to create a facebook fan page for your business – Smackwagon

    It can help you get targeted traffic. Business Pages are public. Note: most of Facebook is private, nestled behind a login, preventing search engines from indexing the content. However, Fan pages are not behind a login and this allows them to get indexed by search engines. The strategy… another link from Google where prospective customers could stumble upon your link in the search engine results page, go to your Facebook Business page, and then visit your “real” site via the link(s) to your facebook pages.

  2. Pages can include your links. And since the pages are public, you can get some sweet facebook.com link credit. You can’t use an anchor text, but hey, it’s free.
  3. Newsletter like feature allows you to send “updates to your fans”. One of the best features is that you can send out “updates” to your fan base whenever you want. A really great way to build a database of users interested in your product or service. You can send out messages about new products, website updates, blog and twitter updates, etc.
  4. You have some control over the page. You can brand your pages … this can be a complicated process so most business will need help with this and of course we can provide social networking branding and can recommend things to make your pages unique. Such as our facebook pages have a contact form and a mini portfolio and other applications.
  5. News feed. When a someone joins a Fan page, it’s published in their News feed for all their friends to read (unless they have turned this off). It makes someone joining your Business page somewhat viral.
  6. It’s free and easy to make a basic facebook page. Making a basic Business page takes just a few minutes – add some information, URL, and upload your logo and you’re done. You can make your page here. If you want to further brand your facebook page, add a custom application or brand other social networking spaces such as twitter or myspace please contact us here http://twitter.com/smackwagon

Social Networking is not going away, NOW is the time to get started on your social networking strategy. All business need to seriously consider getting on board NOW.

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